Last update: 23th, February 2024

Hello and welcome on my website.

For those who know me little, I am a radio ham since 1964, and my call sign is F5BU.
FT5WJ and FT5WG are the call signs I used in 2005 and 1998 during my professional missions on the Crozet archipelago.
For more information on radio and amateur radio, you can consult my slideshow in French in pdf format « Des ondes radio aux radioamateurs » in the section « Articles». These are the slides projected at my conference at the Science Fair in Strasbourg in 2015, to which I added a few slides of comments that summarize the essence of what I said during the presentation.

Professionally I was a research engineer in a laboratory of animal biology of the CNRS and developed instruments of measurement for the laboratory and for the study and monitoring of animals in their natural environment.

On my site you will find of course, and at a right place, my program Galva (Version 3.22 of February 2021), but also some other programs, as well as their description, some of my articles, etc.

Jean-Paul, F5BU

Site posted online 23th February 2013.

Warm thanks
to my daughter Véronique Gendner (e-tissage.net) for her help and website improvement,
and Alain, F4FWV, for the initial set-up of the site.