Galva version 3.00/3.22

Galva - Jean-Paul Gendner
2020-09   Version 3.00 with a tutorial in French and one in English for Galva and a tutorial, in French and in English, for the production of galvanometer dials can be downloaded in the « Articles » tab.
See a presentation of Galva.

New commands in V3.00:
  • An exclamation mark ! at the beginning of a line is equivalent to a Stop command.
  • Cote for easy insertion of dimensions in drawings.
  • AngRot for rotating all or part of a drawing around point 0,0. In addition, the plot commands have a new parameter for such a rotation.
  • PolyR[P] for drawing regular polygons.
  • PlotS for plotting signs, symbols or images according to data in a file.
  • ZoominiI for the default zoom for printing.

Main other new features in V3.00:
  • Possibility of inserting images in the input masks for a better description of the commands.
  • Removal of the impossibility of printing large characters near and/or on the lower margin of the pages.
  • Possibility to draw circles, camenberts and frames with gradient colors between two colors.
  • Possibility to display the distance and the angle, the delta X and delta Y of the movement of the mouse in relation to a point, by keeping the Alt key pressed.
  • Possibility of measuring the total length of a broken line drawn with the Trait command.
  • Possibility to integrate numeric expressions surrounded by # in the Texte[C] and Cote commands.
  • Addition of new parameters in many existing commands, including the possibility of modifying the character spacing with the Texte and TexteC commands (making the external commands GCE_Texte and GCE_TexteC) obsolete), …
  • New files with « Ohmeter » scales examples.
  • New external commands:
    – GCE_Cercle_P : To easily draw circles or arcs in perspective.
    – GCE_Elec : To easily draw some electronic components.
    – GCE_G(p) : To easily plot the module and argument of transfer functions.
    –  …
  • Help completely revised.
  • New deployment / installation file created with InnoSetup.



For other uses, the use is free.
However, sending a (beautiful) postcard (or your QSL if you do Ham radio) to the author, at the address indicated in the help, is appreciated, and felt as an encouragement. Read about this subject « Conditions of use » in the help of the program.


For installing or updating the program, it is recommended to read the A_Lire-Read_Me.pdf file also contained in the installation zip files.

2020-09-12 By mistake the Galva_300 installation files contained the old versions of the zip files containing the English and German sample files This is corrected in the Galva_300a files.

Installation file created with Inno Setup for « recent » OS.
Taille : 29 Mo

Setup file created with Visual Basic, compatible from Windows XP.
Taille : 29 Mo

2021-02-15 Update file to version 3.22.
In addition to small fixes and modification, this version allows to use the clipboard in input and output and to create files. It brings several new functions and an external command to easily create a list, for example of emails, from a .csv file. Etc.
Taille : 4 Mo